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We focus on two key barriers to college success:

Lack of pre-college academic preparation.

College Ready Grants

Our College Ready Grants help organizations better prepare students for academic success in college.

Threats to college completion for students who are already enrolled.

College Success Grants

Our College Success Grants help organizations that help more undergraduates get and stay on track for college completion.

With all our grants, we work with those we fund to learn how their students fare. This vital feedback helps us shape future grant opportunities so we all get continually better at increasing college access and success.

College Ready Grants

This is a College Ready Grant

College Ready Grant »

High school students and adult learners fare best when they enter higher education ready to take and pass college-level courses. These grants go to programs that provide specialized attention, tutoring, and skill-building activities. Students come away with more college options, and better prepared to make a strong start and ultimately complete their academic programs on time.

This is a College Ready Grant

Commit to College Grant »

When it comes to getting students to college, admission is only half the battle. Studies show that up to 40 percent of high school seniors accepted to college fail to attend in the fall. We fund summer programming designed to reverse this “summer melt.”

This is a College Ready Grant

Wisconsin Covenant Scholars Grant »

The gap between the cost of a higher education and available financial aid prevents many of Wisconsin's best and brightest students—the leaders of tomorrow—from attending college. To help close that gap, we make grants in support of Wisconsin Covenant Scholars who have financial need.

College Success Grants

This is a College Success Grant

Career Ready Internship Grant »

Creating new paid internship opportunities for college juniors and seniors with financial need is the goal of our Career Ready Internship grant. Grants help colleges partner with businesses to create internships that will make students more competitive in the job market.

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This is a College Success Grant

College Success Grant »

Our College Success grants support programs that help college students develop meaningful connections with peers, faculty, and campus staff. The stronger these connections, the more likely students are to stay on track for program completion.

This is a College Success Grant

Emergency Grant Assistance Program »

Imagine an emergency trip to the dentist ending a college education. For students with the greatest financial need, something like an unexpected dental bill can be all it takes. This program provides funding to help keep students in school through such financial emergencies.

This is a College Success Grant

Jim Elliot Scholarship »

Apprenticeships provide students with a powerful opportunity to learn skills and land a good-paying job. But completing an apprenticeship can take up to four years, without the benefit of financial aid to meet related expenses. This scholarship helps construction apprentices see their programs through.

College Success Grant

Wisconsin Workforce Partnership Grant »

Employers report having trouble finding workers with the skills needed to fill open positions during a time when there is an urgent need for more residents to secure family-sustaining jobs. This grant helps forge a better linkage between postsecondary education and the workforce.